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Immune System

Immune System

Whenever our immune system is weak, viruses and bacteria could invade our body and leads to various illnesses such as H1N1, dengue, meningitis or even serious infections that threaten our life. Skin allergy, myasthenia gravis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are caused by autoimmune disorders which the body immune cells cannot distinguish their enemies and so the immune cells are free to attack the body cells and causing severe allergic situation. To overcome external and internal threat to our body, it is important to strengthen our immune system to fight against bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.

Concurrently, it also helps to remove accumulated toxins and repair damaged cells, thus avoiding us suffering from torment of sicknesses. There is a great amount of research on immune in modern medicine as our immune system is a complicated human body engineering. Currently, there are still lots of doubts and area that needs further research but it is undeniably the most crucial part of our body’s front line defence system.


GTF rich in lactoferrin, which has the following features to boost up our immune system


GTF rich in whey protein, nutritious and absorbed easily. It also contains many active ingredients in high quality protein for human body suitable for infants, young children, elderly, athletes and patients who had a surgery.

Whey protein is able to enhance immunity as many as 500 times. It is the precursor to synthesize antioxidant in our body.


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