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Anti Aging

Anti Aging

SkinCell Re-Energizing Therapy (SRT) Concept

  • It is a beauty therapy to cater for both internal and external well-being.
  • The idea is to get into the roots of the problems to be able to provide a lasting beauty solutions.
  • All our skin problems are primary caused by unhealthy cells.

Benefits of GTF SRT

  • Faster results & long lasting effects.
  • Enhances the effect of skin care products & facial treatments.
  • Most importantly, a healthier body.

Anti Oxidation

Many degenerative diseases are related to free radicals, such as cancer, Parkinson disease, cataract and etc. Human have their own antioxidant ability,which can eliminate excessive free radicals in our body. The existence of antioxidants include vitamin E, vitamin C, Catalase, SOD and etc.

Each person has different ability of destroying free radicals. Some people always look young because of their strong antioxidant ability, capable to destroy free radicals faster. Therefore, consistent replenishment of GTF chromium can effectively increase antioxidants like vitamin E and Catalase in our body (Chen et al., 2009), thus contributing to anti-aging effect.

Anti Glycation

Body function needs glucose for energy production. However, excessive glucose consumption will lead to glycation, a reaction whereby excess sugars will be attached to proteins without the assistance of enzyme, eventually causing harderning and breakdown of collagen and elastic fiber structure, leading to ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles.

GTF can help control blood glucose level to prevent glycation (Kuo,2006), restoring the firming effect of skin and slowing down aging.

Anti Inflammation

Typical inflammation includes sign of redness, swell, pain and etc. This is normal immune reaction when having bacteria or virus infection, toxin or stress. When our body is inflamed, our immune system will generate various cytokines such as IL-6, TNF-α and hs-CRP to protect our organs against harmful stimuli.

However, chronic inflammation could cause aging-associated health issues, such as arthritis, muscle pain, hepatitis-B, pneumonia and etc. Therefore, replenishment of GTF dietary chromium can effectively reduce inflammation factor such as IL-6, TNF-α, hs-CRP, thus contributing to anti-inflammation effect (Chen et al., 2009).

Repair Function

Toxins destroy skin structure resulting in dryness of skin, sagging, wrinkles, fine lines and so on.

GTF aids insulin to stimulate body metabolism and activate cells. Suitable amount of GTF supplement can help our skin to utilize glucose efficiently and subsequently supply sufficient energy to skin cells to carry out various synthesis mechanisms. For example, the synthesis of collagen is a process that require energy. When the skin cells are full of energy, damaged skin can be repaired rapidly. Therefore, supplementing GTF daily will result in smooth and radiant skin with better moisture retention. The accumulation of cutin as well as rough and dry skin caused by poor metabolism will also be eliminated gradually.

Rapid skin cell renewal repairs damage skin structure and stimulates collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, thus resulting in a firmer, younger looking skin.


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