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Glucose Metabolism

  • Abnormal Glucose Metabolism is caused by high blood glucose
  • Blood glucose levels are normally regulated by Insulin (a hormone produced by pancreas)
  • Insulin Resistance happens when body cells don’t respond to Insulin properly
  • Research shown that inadequate Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) causes abnormal uptake of glucose into the cells to be utilized as energy.

In the glucose (“sugar”) metabolism, inadequate GTF results in

  • Poor insulin function
  • Insulin receptor to be less sensitive
  • Glucose molecules cannot enter / exit the cell membrane normally

Evidence shows that, chromium level of 0.2 µg/L or lower is common in people with abnormal glucose metabolism

Chromium is an essential component in the GTF molecule

Research also shows that GTF plays an important role in regulating one’s plasma glucose (“sugar”) level

After Dietary Chromium supplementation for 16 weeks, fasting plasma glucose was improved.

Clinical Trial

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted in 2004 by a research scientist team lead by the former head of Taiwan National College of Medicine, Professor Dr. Tai Dong Yan. This world standard clinical trials took place at four renowned hospitals, which are…

National Taiwan University Hospital

National Cheng Kung University Hospital

Tri-Service General Hospital

Tai Chung Veteran’s General Hospital

The clinical trial results showed that:

…by supplementing daily intake with 400mcg of chromium within 16 weeks, type 2 diabetics experienced lower fasting blood glucose level as well as LDL cholesterol. Meanwhile, HDL cholesterol improved..

Scientific Research

Research also indicates that GTF is found to be effective in controlling diabetes; as published in A Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Diabetes, Obesity And Metabolism, 2009:

…chromium group can significantly enhance insulin and protentiating the action of insulin thus leading to uptake of glucose into cell by opening the gate of membrane cell. With this, glucose is converted into energy for conducting body functions.

Therefore, GTF product is effective as an adjunctive therapy for individuals having abnormal metabolism of glucose along with diets, exercise and traditional pharmacotherapy.


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