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Weight Management

Weight Management

We all want to be fit and have ideal body weight. However, being surrounded with good food, weight control is thus a challenging task. People fast and control diet to lose weight. Without good method, however, the more person tries to lose weight, the fatter he becomes. Why so many people fail to lose weight? Is losing weight such a painful process?


According to most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted, which was led by the Professor Emeritus in Cornell University, Professor T. Collin Campbell, those who have higher rate of metabolism during rest are slimmer even their calorie intake is high. The higher rate of metabolism means they burn more of their ingested calories as body heat rather than depositing them as body fat.
Campbell T.C. & Campbell II T.M. (2004) The China Study: Startling implications for diet, weight loss and long term health, pg. 142, Benbella Books.

The focus of metabolism is the entering of glucose into body cells. Insulin helps cells in the body take up circulating sugar and fat for immediate use or for storage in the cells. One of the key factors for enhancing weight loss is to increase the efficiency of insulin in transporting glucose into the cells throughout the body.


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